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This Simple Diet Tweak Lowered My Blood Pressure 65 Points

Gasping, “I can’t breathe,” Lyneah Marks stammered while out walking with her husband. Suddenly, as they made their way up a hill, her chest felt heavy. Fear gripped her. Relatives on both sides of her family, including two brothers, had suffered heart attacks. She’d been determined not to follow suit, eating a healthy diet and exercising. But now the 57-year-old panicked, Am I having a heart attack?

Marks was relieved when a stress test at Duke University Hospital showed her heart was not in distress. She’d had an asthma attack and was prescribed an inhaler. However, she did have a slightly enlarged left ventricle, an inherited condition, which is associated with high blood pressure. And given her family history, the cardiologist recommended that Marks monitor her blood pressure at home.

For a long time, Marks’s blood pressure remained within a normal range. But in 2020, after a move to California, her numbers started to creep upward. She chalked it up to stress but became concerned when, one day, it shot up to 175/140.

Marks realized she could go on medication, but the potential side effects made her leery. There has to be something natural I can try first, she decided.

Using Celery to Lower Blood Pressure

One day not long after, she received an email announcing author Jeff Primack was now offering his nutrition course online. She’d been interested in taking his class but hadn’t had the time. Maybe now, she thought. In the meantime, she ordered his book, Conquering ANY Disease (Buy on Amazon, $49.99).

When it arrived, she looked up blood pressure, and Marks was shocked to read that Primack recommends simply eating four to six stalks of celery a day. That can’t be, she thought. Celery is high in salt! But as she read further, he explained that though celery is relatively high in salt compared to other veggies, it takes 30 stalks a day to hit the recommended dietary allowance. And eating just a few stalks a day has a big benefit, as celery contains phytochemicals called phthalides that relax the tissue of the artery walls to increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure.

Feeling hopeful, Marks bought some celery and added six stalks, along with some berries, beets, avocado and apple for flavor, into a morning smoothie. She was amazed when, the very next day, her BP had fallen to 130/75. After two weeks of drinking a celery smoothie five days a week, it was down to 120/66. Today, it holds steady at a healthy 110/60.

“I am so happy that I’ve found something that really works!” beams the now-70-yearold, who has an energy-healing business called Body, Soul & Angels. “Celery—who knew it could make me feel so great!”

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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