The World’s Smallest Cat Breed Is Big-Time Adorable


If you’ve ever wondered about the world’s smallest cat breed, you’ll be delighted to see just how tiny these cute kitties are. Weighing in at just four to seven pounds, Singapura cats take a miniature crown for being the smallest in size among domestic cats — while still having some of the biggest hearts.

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As the name implies, the Singapura cat originates from Singapore, where this feline was once seen as nothing more than a street cat. According to Vet Street, their reputation could not be more different today; now, the Asian nation-state sees the Singapura as a living national treasure. Considering this kitty’s popularity around the world is rapidly increasing, it’s clear that many other folks agree. 

smallest cat

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The Cat Fancier’s Association reports that the Singapura cat is a “widely desired” breed among potential owners today. Seeing just a few photos of these furry darlings makes it pretty obvious why. Boasting an ivory background coat with brown ticking, inquisitive eyes, and surprisingly big ears, the Singapura cat is clearly adorable. But it’s worthwhile to note that good looks aren’t the only thing that these little guys and girls have going for them.

According to the pet product company Purina, the Singapura cat tends to be friendly, active, and affectionate, adoring human company. While Singapura cats do have a habit of hopping on higher surfaces such as bookshelves and cabinets — what cat doesn’t? — they are also much quieter than other meow-happy felines.

singapura cat

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If you’re considering adopting a kitty from the smallest cat breed, you might be interested in another bonus they offer: hardiness. While Singapura cats do require vaccinations and regular checkups — again, like any pet cat — they tend to be pretty darn healthy despite their small size. Experts think this has to do with their historical background of adapting to such tough conditions when they were street cats hundreds of years ago. 

smallest breed of cat

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

We wouldn’t be surprised: After all, only a truly strong kitty would be able to not only survive but thrive after such a challenging start. And we’re so glad they did, so that we can love them up today!

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