17 Best Eyeglass Frames for Women Over 50 to Suit All Face Shapes


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As we get older, our face shape tends to change, so it’s important to find the best eyeglass frames for women over 50 so that we can still look and feel our best. Gone are the days when wearing glasses would make you feel like a little old lady; in fact, most youngsters opt for bifocals as opposed to contact lenses nowadays because eyeglasses can be sophisticated and trendy and can even make you appear younger. We found 17 of the most stylish eyeglasses to suit any face shape. In addition to being practical, they’ll make you feel beautiful and confident.

How to Find the Best Glasses Frames for Your Face Shape 

Even if you’ve worn eyeglasses for as long as you remember — or if this is something new to you, as our eye health tends to deteriorate with age — it’s important to find the best style of glasses for your face shape. Many factors — such as reduced collagen or changes in the hairline and cartilage of the nose ­— can drastically alter the shape of your face as you get older. Therefore, what suited you a few years ago might not be the best pick for your face today. 

Compounding the problem? There are so many glasses frames available for women that it could get confusing picking the best ones. If you’re wondering ‘what style glasses suit my face shape?’ here’s a brief breakdown of each face shape, and what types of glasses frames suit each one. 

Diamond face shape: This face shape has a narrow chin, narrow forehead and wide cheekbones.
Best frames for Diamond face shape: Top-heavy frames like semi-rimless, rectangle, oval-shaped, or cat-eye frames, which will soften the cheekbones.

Oval face shape: The Oval shaped face is longer than it is wide, and its jaw is narrower than the cheekbones.
Best frames for Oval face shape: This face is notoriously easy to work with and suits all frame styles, so the world is your oyster when choosing women’s glasses for oval face shapes.

Square face shape: A square face shape has a wide hairline and a wide jawline, giving the appearance of a square.
Best frames for Square face shape: Round and oval eyeglass frames that will add length to a square face and complement it nicely.

Heart face shape: Hearts have wide foreheads with a narrower chin.
Best frames for Heart face shape: Bottom-heavy frames will add width to the lower part of the face, but rimless glasses also suit a heart-shape face.

Round face shape: A wide hairline with plumpness below the cheekbones make up the round face shape.
Best Frames for Round face shape: Some cute women’s eyeglass frames for round faces are rectangular, square, and other narrow frame designs, which all give the illusion of a longer face.

Oblong face shape: Oblong faces (also known as rectangular or long) are long and have a narrow bone structure.
Best frames for Oblong face shape: To make a long face seem slightly plumper, the best eyeglass frames are wide pilot-style or square-shaped.

Pear face shape: The pear-shaped face has a narrow forehead and a larger, more prominent-looking jawline.
Best frames for Pear face shape: Chunkier eyeglass frames look great on a pear-shaped face, as they balance out its unequal top and bottom half.

Once you’ve figured out what face shape you have, take a look below at our picks for the best eyeglass frames for women over 50 in all styles. From classic styles to funky eyeglasses, eyeglasses for small faces, eyeglasses for grey hair, glasses that make you look younger, and some great all-rounders that look good on any face shape, we’ve found something for everyone.

Scroll down to see the 17 best eyeglass frames for women over 50.

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