12 Nourishing Shampoos for Gray Hair That Will Maintain Your Silvery Strands


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Whether you’ve just started your gray-hair transition, or you’ve been embracing your silver strands for years, you should be using one of the best shampoos for gray hair if you’re someone who wears her sterling tresses with pride. As we age, hair follicles produce less melanin, leading to gray hair. Just as we switch up our shampoos and conditioners when we dye our hair a different color, we should be doing the same as our hair naturally changes, too. 

Why does gray hair turn yellow? 

Something many women notice as they go gray is brassiness, or a yellowing of the hair. Why does gray hair turn yellow? When it comes down to it, there are a bunch of factors that can be at play. From medications and sun exposure to harsh water and hair-product build up, yellow hair has many causes. So how do you prevent gray hair from yellowing? With a toning shampoo, also known as a purple shampoo. Using the right shampoo can mean the difference between mousy gray hair and shining, silver locks. But why is this? 

Why You Should Use Purple Shampoo for Gray Hair

Just as we learned in our childhood art classes, purple and yellow are complementary colors, meaning they sit across from each other on the color wheel. In essence, by using a purple toned shampoo, the purple pigments neutralize any yellow that may appear in your hair, toning and washing it away. And while these shampoos do have a very deep color, fear not — these shampoos won’t put any purple in your hair (though we do know a great color-depositing conditioner that would!)

But graying hair is not merely a color change, it’s a texture change as well. Hair becomes coarse and dry for many women as they go gray. This is why, when you’re shopping for shampoos for gray hair, you should also be looking for ones that put an emphasis on nourishing and hydrating hair. By picking up a shampoo that cares for both the color and overall health of your hair, you’ll be one step closer to the luscious silver locks of your dreams. 

Best Shampoo for Gray Hair

Best Shampoo for Gray Hair 

Ready to find the right shampoo for your hair? Whether your locks are straight, natural, or newly gray, there’s a shampoo for you on our list. Keep scrolling for Woman’s World’s picks for the best shampoos for gray hair. 

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